Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For the Love For Running

Lovely Tuesday evening! I woke up today feeling so giddy even with  my 5 hours of sleep and failed attempt to run at 5 in the morning. Well if you ask me why.. It's because I woke up to the sight of these lovely flowers on the bedside table. :)

Nah, they're not from JR unfortunately. He's not the "chocolate and flowers" type of guy. Stole Got them from the church AFTER last Sunday's service. Oh yes with emphasis on AFTER. LOL.

Well the week started pretty fun considering how busy our schedule was for the past few days. 

Last Sunday, I managed to go for a 50-minute run before going to church and I thank the heavens for helping me wake up so early even with my lack of ample sleep from last Saturday's dinner with friends. Just after the service, JR and I accidentally took a nap and ended up sleeping from 12:00nn - 3:30pm (Can you even call that a nap?). Then we went grocery shopping - picked up the little boy at my in-laws house - dropped him off at my parents house - did some SALE shopping at a nearby mall - picked up the little boy again - and finally head home. That pretty much covers our entire Sunday.

I honestly love the thought of marked down items but I totally dread the fact that there are a bunch of people falling in line at the dressing room and cashier counter. It was near impossible but the crowd was lesser when we came, probably because it was the last day of the mall sale and it was pretty late for somebody to 'just' start with their shopping. 

Monday showed some threat of a busy week ahead but we managed to start the week right. :)

First by unintentionally wearing pastel colors to work. LOL.

We honestly look like ice creams - mango and strawberry flavors.

We've decided to grab a quick dinner before heading home so we agreed to dine at North Park. 

I was in the mood for their Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Soft Tofu Hot Pot and I was always craving for Shrimp Dumplings so I ordered it right away without even taking a glimpse at the menu. Good thing it was available or I would've probably suggested we suppress our hunger and just go home.

JR had the Beef noodles, which he was not able to finish because it was too salty, and the Century Egg with Seaweed which was not impressive at all. Wait, are they supposed to be that impressive anyway?

We slept late that Monday and running on a Tuesday morning was too impossible. Thank God JR agreed we do it after work instead. 

Since I woke up a few minutes earlier than usual, I got to take photos of my packed lunch a.k.a. Green Monster Smoothie. Just so you guys know, every time I feel like I've been reckless with my diet the past days, I slow down and result to this and exchange the smoothie for at least 1 meal.

Though I've heard about this smoothie a couple of times already, it was a friend who really recommend that I try it. 

- 2 handfuls of spinach
- 3-4 small leaves of celery
- 1 handful of malunggay leaves
- 2 pieces of banana
- 2 slices of mango or papaya (or any fruit)
- 2 tablespoons of low fat greek yogurt (or any regular, plain yougrt)
- 1 cup of water (or coconut water - tastes so better!)
- 1 cup of Soy milk (or any preferred milk)

Blend them all together.. and Voila! You have a healthy smoothie that can either replace 1 meal or give your regular meal a healthy kick. :)

So Tuesday afternoon it is when JR came in the area 2 hours earlier from our agreed time which was supposed to be 6pm. This guy was NEVER on time. He either comes in really really early or really really late. Believe you me. :-/

He just got off from a meeting and said he was starving so we've decided to grab some snack and fuel up for our run tonight at Coffee Bean.

I was calling out his name to look at the camera but he's really busy with his food. There are times I've been starting to really believe that hunger causes deafness. :-/

I thank God for the innovative and bright minds who created banana bread with walnuts! They're superb.. uh-mazing and delish!

And here comes my hot and good-looking running buddy for tonight...

Well now I can say he's very satisfied with his pre-run meal.. He smiled when I asked him to look at the camera.

Told you! Deafness and Hunger are correlated. Somebody should make a study out of that. :-P

And I'm ready to shed some fats..


And to my new little warrior... you did more than what is asked of you...

Therefore, you are blessed among the other running shoes. You made your master happy and proud. :)

The place was a haven for running and biking enthusiasts so as expected, there were teams and groups of people doing their own thing.

See the group in the middle? If I'm not mistaken that's a running clinic practicing for their run on September.

I can't wait to start with my actual training on Sept. 11. (More of it on the next post/s) 

But the crowd did not stop me from doing my post-run workout. 

My husband call this exercise "The Kim Kardashian workout". Haha.

I'm a big believer of push-ups. I got toned arms for doing 100 push-ups a day and even my other friends have noticed that. I never take this off from my 300 or 500 workout a day.

After running, we were invited for dinner by a friend since it was his dad's birthday. 

His dad was an amazing and disciplined runner and was just appointed as the President of our town's running group. He has been to several half and full marathons and he has been inviting us to some of his runs. When we arrived at their house, I was surprised to see all of his medals framed on the wall. I can always see the happiness in his eyes every time he gets to talk about his accomplishments when it comes to running. It actually inspires me more. It gives me a heightened sense of well-being to be around people who enjoys what they do no matter how unremarkable it may seem to others. To some people it may just be a past time, but to another, it might be love and passion. :)


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