Sunday, September 16, 2012

My 1st Week with MILO Running School

Hello there! Hope you all had a great weekend! My week has been  pretty exciting because it was my 1st week with MILO Running School and the 2 classes I've attended so far had been so fun and challenging! :)

Just to give you a brief backgrounder, last June I joined a Fit-Fil (Fit Filipino) Boot Camp and was a part of the Advance Team. It was a 5-week long fitness boot camp wherein we do series of workouts such as pilates, yoga, boxing, crossfit training, a session of krav maga, running, etc. I got to meet a lot of health and fitness advocates who have truly inspired me in pursuing  my journey towards living a healthier lifestyle. Most of them were students and coaches from MILO Running School who have shared their exciting experiences and convinced me to join the next season. So come September, I gave it a shot and enrolled to see what the fuss was all about. :)

Here are my current team mates from the 42k team. 

I was just actually aiming for the 21k Team since most of my runs were only 10k and a step forward would mean just a leap to the 21k distance. However, since most of the ex-fitfil (Advance team) peeps are already with 42k, they somehow convinced me to try it out first. So again, I gave it a shot. So please wish me luck.  :-/

Here are a few photos from our last 2 sessions.

A few pre-run and post-run stretching techniques were taught before we start with the exercises. Even the stretching are pretty tough.

Doing another grueling version of the 4-minute workout with thera-bands tied on our legs. I've tried the other version before since it was taught during the Fit-Fil Bootcamp.

Every after the 4-minute workout, we were asked to run a few lapses.

With my ex-folks from Fit-Fil.

And this is the 4-minute version I'm familiar with. Even if I've been doing this exercise for several times at home, it doesn't make it any easier. :-(

I was supposed to run a half marathon last Saturday morning but due to the heavy rains, the run was cancelled since a few race routes are flooded. I hope they won't schedule it next Sat. since we have a scheduled twin day hike in preparation for our Mt. Apo hike on January.

Running seemed impossible since JR and I were so busy doing errands and taking care of a few stuff yesterday and today.

He had colleagues from China and since they'll be going back to their homeland on Monday, we've decided to bring them to Mall of Asia and take them out for dinner.

We ate at Fish and Co. since all restos are nearly crowded and we haven't tried eating there yet. I know right, poor us.

A photo with the 2 Zhang. They are not related by blood but they happen to have the same name. They are so cool! :)

Our food for the night. :)

The Seafood Platter. 

Seafood Marinara

The Fish and Chips which was a real steal since they have a 50% off Payday Promo for this. 

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake

Fruit Salad with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Drizzle

We took JR's colleagues at Kultura since it's one of those places where a tourist can get native products that are "export" worthy. From native bags, to locally made shirts, lambanogs (local wine) and delicacies. I did some shopping for myself too and got a Lemon Grass Tea with Malunggay, Nuts, Unsweetened Banana Chips and Cheese Flavored Camote Chips. 

It was a pretty tiring day and the heavy traffic took much of our time. Good thing was I manage to get a decent 8-hour of sleep and get ready for a busy Sunday.

As you notice, I used the same bag for 2 consecutive days since I've been loving the psychedelic colors and it totally lifts my mood caused by the gloomy weather.

Finally.. after how many years, JR bought a phone for himself. His defective E71 can finally retire. He got a Blackberry Torch 9860 which I believe was the latest release for BB Torch. So far, I'm loving how fast it connects to the internet. Since he has been using a Nokia, I'm doing all the work when it comes to the transfer of all his contacts to his BB. Tough I know. :-/

And we rushed off to Jr's grandson's 1st birthday party at Jollibee Manila, which is quite of a long drive from our place.

I had to eat before we go to the party to refrain myself from eating any fast food.

I had the Chocolate Banana Muffin and Iced Caramel Macchiato Coffee.

Delish and really filling!

And here are a few photos from the party.

While we were at Toy Kingdom, Keifer has been repeatedly telling us how much he wanted the entire cars bedroom set as a Christmas Gift. 

Oh well.. JR promised him we'll get him these as long as he keeps his school grades high. Hmm.. we'll see. This kiddo knows how to bargain.

That pretty much covers my entire week. How was yours?

Well tomorrow's a Monday and it's a start of another busy week. I try to welcome it in a positive way and look forward to all the fun surprises that might come along. Starting the week right beats all kind of negativities. :)

Have a superb week ahead!  

- Einah

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