Friday, July 20, 2012

Highlights of the Past Weeks

Today, I set out a promise to myself to be more devoted in my blog and update it as soon as I've got something interesting in hand. It's been weeks.. and hell did I realize.. it's been almost 2 months since I failed to update it. Poor blog. :'(

Anyhoo, allow me to give you a recap of the interesting things that happened from the past weeks.. err.. months. Well, I can say that I am proud of myself for being more active though I've been a tad bit careless with my diet. My advocacy for being slim has shifted to being more FIT and FAB while having FUN! LOL.

Our plans for starting out with a Yoga class finally happened and we tried the Ashtanga Yoga which involves synchronizing the breath with progressive series of postures. 

I can say that the Yoga instructor was patient enough to guide us all throughout the class. I love the ambiance and the view from the yoga rooms though my main concern was that the shower rooms are located near the swimming pools which are supposedly for the hotel guests only. We just sneaked out and pretended that we just finished swimming.

We were able to also celebrate my son's birthday at a private pool nearby and though it was a last minute reservation, we were able to score a really nice and affordable place.

The living room

A view from the pool

From L-R: Feline, Me, Carla, Neeca, Dawn, Cherry, Apol and Aly

Keifer, Feline and Faith having fun in the rain.
Munch time! :)

Also last June (if my memory serves it right), I had a 10k run at the UP Campus which took me for about an hour and 15mins to finish. Well, I know it's something I don't have to be proud of but at least a 5-minute improvement from the last was a good start. And considering the fact that I was too lazy to go for a good run before the actual "run". Hehe.

We were actually 30 minutes late but still managed to take a picture before running. Haha.

And finally after an hour or so... 

Then we head out to Banapple (which is a place known for their delish cakes) for some BIG breakfast.

Well definitely not me.. =P

We also spent the last weekend of June at Malvar Batangas with my hubby's family. His mom got a discount to one of the new hotels there so we've all decided to just spend some quiet family time and just catch up.

As you can see it, it seems like we're the only living guest in the hotel so it feels like we've exclusively rented the place. =P

Just as I thought we were the only guest, there was a birthday celebration held at the function area.

And yes you're not mistaken.. he did not forget to bring his dear PS3.

 We woke up with some really great sunshine! :)

This is the first time I heard JR's sister play the piano. As you can see, Keifer's her number one fan. :)

 A stop over at a nearby restaurant for lunch..

Well that pretty much covers the details of the past weeks I failed to update. Well there is one thing actually but I plan to create a well-deserved separate post about it. 

Last June 24, I joined e 5-week fitness boot camp that gives you a chance to experience all sorts of (well, most I guess) physical activities. From yoga to pilates, boxing, cross fit, trx, circuit training, running, etc. I'm on my fourth week now and it has been one of the greatest things that happened to me this year. It taught me how to push myself beyond my limits and enjoy exercising as a physical activity. I got to meet a lot of people who inspires me more to be fitter and healthier. I promise to share a separate post so I could share each particular learning I had from the very first day. :)

Talk soon! ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

"One More Night" Maroon 5's new song

Don't you just find A.L. really hot on this video? Well I do.. though he'd look way HOTTER sans the shirt on. LOL. =D