Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Sunny Run and a Rainy Bike Ride.

Last Sept. 27 was a public holiday and it means I have the entire Monday to waste my time to. Recalling from what happened the night before, we went out for dinner at Red Palace (A Chinese resto) and we had another dinner at a friend's house afterwards. So now if you could just imagine the carbs I felt the need to burn. :(

JR woke up with a good working out mood and the weather was just so perfect for an outdoor run so I took advantage. Ha ha. We ran for about 40 mins. and biked for about an hour.

We don't have any bike of our own so we're lucky enough to find a store where we could rent some for as low as 25 PHP/hour. Really cheap eh?  

JR said he honestly prefers biking than running since he finds it easier. Even so, at least he has another physical activity that he most likely enjoy other than basketball and hiking. :-/


Probably it was just about after 30 mins. of biking that the rain started to pour. 

Have you noticed the house submerged in water? Unfortunately, the flood hasn't subsided yet on their place from the last typhoon. :(

JR said that the rain was just "passing by", funny that he used such term but he was practically right since after about 20mins. of raining, Mr. Sun showed up again.

And here I am totally giddy after all the running and biking.. and totally wet from the sweat and rain.

We went to Banapple for breakfast since I was craving for some cheesecake.

JR had the Hickory Smoked barbecue and a home brewed ice tea which I believe was way too sweet.

I had the Asian Salad, a Cafe Americano and oh my oh my! a blueberry cheesecake which totally made my awesome day! 

Not bad to reward yourself once in a while right? :)

Since it has been a stressful week for us at work, we decided to just spend the rest of the afternoon at home. The only time we went out again was for dinner with JR's friends at a nearby restaurant called "House of Kare-kare" in Antipolo. The food was "okay" but not enough for me to want to go back there again. I can say that my mom and JR's lola (Filipino word for grandmother) has the best kare-kare I've tasted so far. 

I actually miss spending holidays at home.. The last job I had requires us to work during holidays and sometimes weekends even if I worked under HR/Recruitment. So now I'm enjoying every single public holiday and making sure I make the most out of it. :)

- Einah

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