Saturday, May 19, 2012

A dose of Saturday morning sunshine

Disclaimer: I came unprepared and I totally looked picture unworthy. I grabbed the first thing that caught my eye in the closet and decided to wear it. Totally uncool. :(

I had only about 3 hrs. of sleep since I was awoken by hubby telling me we need to do an ocular visit for Keifer's birthday. Can you just imagine! It was scorching hot outside and I didn't get to shower and put any powder nor perfume on, the only accessory I have are my sunglasses that only worsen my after-bed look. :(

Well, the little kiddo has been bugging us on spending his birthday at a resort nearby. Since June is fast approaching and summer trips hasn't ended yet, we wanted to ensure we can score a nice place enough for around 20-30 people. We're not actually planning anything fancy. We're just looking forward to spending time with the fam and just enjoying the summer before the rainy season starts. And I'm really crossing my fingers that the sun would be generous enough to shed us some sunshine.


The resort is ALMOST 2 hours away from home and I was privileged enough to steal some sleep while we're on the road. 

Away from the city and nestled behind the lovely mountains lies this new and (not so) discovered place.

Upon entering the resort, the first thing that you'll see would be a "mini" zoo. It was really small and had a few common animals. See that cage at the back??? That is the place baby!

You'll get to see this cute little parrot...

And a playground for the kids...

And I guess for the grown-ups too?? LOL.

Mama treated us for some ice cream which is totally weather appropriate. :)

After our little resort tour, we decided to jump to the next town to have lunch at this restaurant. 

I've read blogs and heard that people from the city are driving down here to see what the rave was all about. 

IMHO, I was a bit disappointed. It was overrated and doesn't really portray the FLOATING restaurant kind of thing. Well, except for the lovely view of the Laguna Lake.

And the trees surrounding the place.

Honestly, the place looks way better in photos...

Their service was quite slow but I can say that it somehow gives justice to the fact that the sea foods were fresh, or tasted fresh.

That coconut juice is the bomb man!!! :)

I don't know how they cooked the shrimp but Keifer almost finished the entire serving plate and had to go back for a round 2. 

That dish down there... was delish! :)

We were home at around 2 PM and I decided to take an afternoon nap to fuel up for a run with hubby.

We started running past 5 PM and we were able to witness the sun to set. 

I'm not a romantic person but there is always something so lovely-dovey about sunsets. Do you agree with me? :) 

Our 3.55 miles (5.72 km) run took us more than an hour since JR's toes were not in a good condition earlier. It's been doing this strange thing everytime we go for a long run and I wanted to keep my pace with him just in case something terrible happens (Thank God nothing did!). I guess I need to drag him more often to do shorter runs every morning. 

Well tomorrow's gonna be a long day and we've got tons of things to do. We've been planning all week to do a general cleaning, which unfortunately or should I say "fortunately" did not happen because of Keifer's urgent request. I need to sleep now and re-fuel for another exciting Sunday. :)

Good night!



  1. Hi! would actually say that you looked cool in your short+tee outfit with your sunnies on! it really happens, that you have to be be quick for something and grab the easiest clothes to put on... but it feels good, not super made-up and still looks pretty. :) nice pictures you've got!



    1. Thank you! Sometimes it's really better to veer from all the chemicals and go Au Naturel. :)