Monday, July 1, 2013

Ending the Master Cleanse Diet

I know, I know... I'm just on my Day 3 and I'm so close to ending the hardest phase when I gave up. Well to tell you honestly, it's harder than I thought it would be. Being the disciplined eater that I was for almost 2 years, I thought it would be that easy. I can say it was really really tough. The first day was really easy coz I just locked myself up the room and lie down in my bed most of the time, but come Day 2 and 3, I'm having a hard time to concentrate already. So let me give you some reasons why I've finally decided to quit -

  1. My job entails creative thinking and without my concentration, I won't be able to execute my tasks. I love my job and a few days of being unproductive would cause my team some trouble.
  2. I feel so deprived and all I can think of was rewarding myself of sinful treats after the cleanse which I think won't do me any good at all after the cleansing. So I'd rather not starve myself to minimize my cravings more. LOL. :)
  3. Having the Sea Salt Flush was too much to bear. I feel like wanting to vomit every time I take a gulp.

So I guess those are the things on top of my list. But it doesn't mean anyone wpn't be able to do it. Well Beyoncé and a lot of health freaks swore by it. As I always say, when you put your heart and mind into something, you'll never fail.

I guess TMC don't just fit in to the kind of lifestyle that I have since my work entails me to be active at all times. I can't risk everything for that YET. Well I might do another cleanse but probably a shorter one and something where I won't have to drink that "icky" sea salt water. Just the thought of it kind of gives me that disgusting feeling already. LOL.

Well that's all for the day. Let me indulge myself into more food and delectable dishes. But I'm still doing that pesco-vegetarian thing. Good thing TMC gave me a good jumpstart to healthy eating. You can indulge and give into your cravings, you just have to be more disciplined and always think of its long-term effect on your health. ;)


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