Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Breezy Afternoon at 14 Four Cafe

My mom has been raving about 14 Four Cafe for quite some time now. Though the cafe is just a 10-minute drive away from our house, paying them a visit was nearly impossible due to my busy schedule.

Yesterday, I was too lazy to go to the gym for boxing (must be the weather or my sluggish attitude kicking in) so I opted to ask my friend out for an afternoon treat. We took this opportunity as well to finalize some plans we have for our upcoming business partnership - which I CAN'T disclose yet. Don't want to jinx it!! ;)

My husband-turned-driver was kind enough to drop us there before his basketball game. I, or should I say - We, were surprised of how a nice place could be hidden in the midst of a quiet subdivision in Taytay.

Based from my pre-visit research, the cafe is a furniture showroom turned into a cafe on weekends. 

You can check more about them here:

Upon entering, we asked the crew if we could do a quick tour inside and  see their creative collections before we get seated outside. She gladly granted our request and guided us in. 

It is nearly impossible not to fall in love with this place. It gives you a relaxing vibe the moment you enter their sanctuary and provides you a snuggled up feeling by the time you rest on their super comfy seats. 

It is a perfect hangout place with your barkadas. Oh and they come with free wifis too! Ain't that a steal?! :)

And we can't help to not take photos of the outside as well. 

I made prior reservations to make sure we get the best spot. 

I specifically requested for alfresco seating and made the operator swore that she wouldn't put us somewhere hot and uncomfortable since it's 3pm and the sun's out smiling. 

And as expected, she perfectly gave us a big and nice work station. :) We had the right dose of sunshine and cool breeze for an afternoon.

A cafe will not be on my "must-visit" place if the food was a total disaster. 

I made a brave move and tried their Vegetarian Panini and paired it up with a Strawberry Milkshake to even out the taste. And again as expected, they did not disappoint. :)

Pam, Anny's daughter ordered for some Carbonara and Strawberry Milkshake and she said that the pasta was just 'uhmm okay'.

Anny has decided to get a Brewed Iced Tea and Cinnamon Pancakes. The custard that came along with the pancakes made it really special. According to Anny, they probably used 'cake mix' instead of of the  usual 'pancake mix' that made it light, fluffy and really tasty. :)

The food is worth one's penny and we never regret ordering any of them. However, I just wished they had more variety on their snacks and especially coffees.  

And yes, I'll definitely be back here! It's just a perfect place to do some creative thinking or simply experience silence and solitude.

Good food + Great ambiance = Definitely a must-try! :)


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