Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exploring the beauty of the mountains

I just started out (again???!) with a new activity and I can't even find the words to explain how ecstatic I was days before our trip. I've been doing a lot of researching, reading, exercising and even praying that I can keep up with the boys since it's gonna be my first hike on a mountain.  I know you understand how men can make girls be the center of all the teasing and bullying, so I never wanted them to see me as a burden. I know, I know. Talk about penitence during Holy Week. LOL. ;)

On our way to Zambales, I was in high spirits and I can't even manage to get a decent sleep. We  had several stop overs since we didn't pack too much food and we needed to satisfy the monsters on our tummy. An action packed afternoon it will be. 

It took us 6 hours to reach the place where we needed to park our cars and meet our guide. And after loading our camping bags with all our resources - and off we went to the mountains.


After 2 1/2 hrs. of walking and slowly feeling our knees tremble because of exhaustion, we finally reached the summit. Yeeeehaaa!!!

We spent a couple of minutes enjoying all the beauty in its purest form- natural, untouched and unpolluted. Then I thought, how many generations can still witness this kind of beauty? Would my son be able to still enjoy the fresh air that we breathe? How long can they keep this natural and uncommercialized? Damn! What a drama queen I can be at times. Staying on top of a mountain is really something huh. LOL. :)

 We thought that the hardship was over, and it dawned to us that we still need to go down to reach the camping site (the beach baby!) and we need to move faster since the sun's about to set. Uh-oh! 
Mountains + Woods + Dark + No flash lights + No Electricity = Survivor mode on!

But the sun was merciful enough to shed us some light. We moved with lightning speed to have everything set up - tents, gathering of woods, bonfire and preparing of food.

And as the night falls, we fell asleep and rested our completely tired out body.

The following day was all about FUN IN THE SUN... We enjoyed the warm waters, the fine sand and the glorious sun.

Below are some of the photos we had. Please forgive me if I flooded you with too much photos. I promise that the next few would be my last. *Pinky swear* :)

I can't wait for our next scheduled hiking trip for the month of July. :)

I've been trying to do more research and I'm about to buy a couple of things a hiker should be needing. Did I just proclaim myself as a hiker? Haha.

I'll be sharing on a different post the kind of preparations I'm currently making - diet, exercise, researching for gears, etc.

Gotta hit the sack now. It's currently 2:20am here in MLA and my bed is already calling my name. Thanks for stopping by! Have a splendid day ahead! 



  1. wow, those pics are incredible! I'm jealous :D

  2. You have to try it too. It's so fun! :)